Time for the law

At this point, we have exhausted all of our options in the educational community. I have asked, in the following order, for my daughter to be excused from the NCLB testing:

her teacher
the IEP team
the school headmaster
the school district administration
the MA Department of Education
the Commissioner of Education

No one has stepped up to the plate. Basically, they are all “following the law.” This is so ridiculous … ok, so now we change the law.

2 Responses to “Time for the law”

  1. I wish you success in changing the law. I am a teacher of students like your daughter, and was told by a DOE representative directly that, no, my students could never pass. Since we have the IEP process to document appropriate progress, I don’t understand why that isn’t sufficient.

  2. I can feel your frustration and pain at the lack of common sense throughout your blog. I am amazed at your energy, passion. Your children have taught you so much, you are truly blessed. What have your learned from your experience? Has it made you and your children’s lives better?

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