Hello? Anyone home?

I actually wrote to the “MCAS-Alt Coordinator” at the MA DOE with the question in the previous post. I asked her why she told me that my daughter would not even know she was being tested (the quote was hers). I asked how she can be tested on 45 data points from the Curriculum Frameworks and then asked to self-evaluate and she would not know a test is going on. I openly cc’d the email to the press, the school district, and others that work with her because the mistruth was specifically told to all of them.

Surprise, surprise, no response. I know she got the email because I attached a return receipt to it and it came back within twenty minutes. Well, it has been just about a week and no response.

So, what’s a dad to do? I really want to know why she has said these things that ultimately make me look like I am crazy if they were true.

I re-emailed it to her today. And I openly cc’d the Commissioner of Education. Maybe she’ll answer.

I doubt it.

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