For those who think I am nuts …

Here are the some of the mandatory (state law) requirements for the test that her teachers must administer to my severely disabled daughter who cannot communicate. I am not making this up, this is the test she must get:

Data Charts must be included in the portfolio that “measure[s] the student’s accuracy and independence in performing tasks on at least five different dates …” “Data charts must show that the student attempted to learn a new skill.” Multiple data charts are required.

The exams given to my daughter will be protracted occurring over many days and weeks to fulfill the required data chart requirements. This is not required of the vast majority of students, nor is the need for repeated testing. Additionally, it is required to “show that the student attempted to learn a new skill.” Thus, in order to complete the exam, she “must” show she is attempting to learn a new skill, a requirement not needed by other students and a requirement that is physically impossible for her to fulfill. With no communication skills, showing an attempt is an unattainable goal. The test portfolio is completely inappropriate and not designed for someone such as my daughter.

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