Simple Answers

I have not received an answer from the Headmaster nor his associates on the simple question …

Since there were three “MED” results last year at my daughter’s high school, i.e., medical excuse from exam, someone must have accepted these medical notes and said “ok.” Who was that?

So I decided to do some more research on my own. I found on line the official “Principal’s Administration Manual” from the state DOE. A medical absence is simply accepted by the Principal and kept on file.

A student must provide a written statement from a licensed medical professional specifying the verifiable medical condition that prevents him or her from taking the test and the date(s) of the student’s absence due to this condition. This statement must be kept on file at the school.

So, it is simply the school itself (so to speak) that decides that a student has a valid medical excuse for an absence during the normal NCLB testing. Furthermore, it is the school itself that decides if and when to offer a make up exam.

This does not directly pertain to my daughter … or does it? Either way, it was a simple question, or so I thought.

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